BitGive Through The Years

BitGive was one of the earliest in the Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency space, established in 2013 and becoming the world’s first official Bitcoin nonprofit in 2014. We have nearly nine years behind us of breaking down barriers, reaching milestones, and building technology that takes philanthropy to a whole new level, all while making a significant impact on the lives of people around the world. Here are some of the highlights of our past nine years with links to learn more, or if you’ve been following us from the beginning, to look back and reminisce.


2013 | Founding

BitGive officially launched in July 2013 at the Inside Bitcoins conference in New York City. We enjoyed much enthusiasm for the launch and our first mainstream press coverage. 

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As our first big project, we partnered with Bitcoin Black Friday and helped over 30 charities participate, raising over $1M total in a single day. Our campaign for Save the Children for Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines raised close to $5K and was the catalyst for Save the Children to become one of the first major international nonprofits to accept bitcoin directly the following year. 


In August 2014, the IRS granted BitGive 501c3 tax-exempt status, making us the first official government-recognized Bitcoin nonprofit in the world! This was a major milestone not just for us, but for the budding Bitcoin and Blockchain industry. We also hosted a legendary Bitcoin Bowling Tournament that summer and the first Bitcoin Giving Tuesday, an evolution of the previous year’s efforts.


In 2015, we succeeded in raising funds, building, and seeing to fruition our first project entirely funded in bitcoin. We were able to visit the project at Shisango Girls Secondary School in Kenya upon completion with the team at The Water Project and their local partners on the ground. This was a very bright spot in our history, and we encourage you to enjoy the short video we filmed while there.  


In October 2017, we launched our flagship product GiveTrack at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas. This Minimum Viable Product (MVP) version of GiveTrack was the first platform launched for tracking donations on the Bitcoin blockchain.


2017-18 | 

By December 2017, bitcoin had reached all-time highs of $20K. In the midst of that excitement, BitGive received two large donations, one from the Pineapple Fund and one from an anonymous donor, amounting to over $2M! Thanks to those donations and several other major contributions, we were able to scale our team and build out our product.

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In December 2018 in Santiago Chile at the 6th Annual Latin American Bitcoin Conference, we launched GiveTrack 1.0, the more robust, sophisticated, and scalable version of our donation-tracking platform. With this update, we were able to make it easier for donors to help the many worthy causes on our platform.

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In 2019, we began a two-year push to add several major upgrades to GiveTrack, culminating in v2.0 in 2020. We underwent a complete user experience remodel, added an Uphold integration for donations in many other cryptocurrencies, upgraded to BitGo’s hosted wallet solution for NGOs, and added credit/debit and ApplePay donation options with Wyre. 


In November 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we hosted our first conference, which was also the first global event solely focused on social impact and nonprofit projects around the world in Bitcoin, Blockchain, and cryptocurrency. Our keynote speakers included world-renowned author and humanitarian Dan Pallotta, 2020 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate World Food Programme, Vesper, and Fidelity Charitable.

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2020-21 | Major Projects

As we expanded our reach and scaled our impact through many projects on GiveTrack around the world, we added notable NGOs to our partner list such as Heifer International, Black Girls Code, GiveDirectly, and more. In the uncertain early days of the pandemic, we took action by leading our own COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. We’re proud to have been able to lend a hand in a time of such great need.

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In July 2022, we reached an agreement to transfer our assets and donation platform GiveTrack to our nonprofit partner, Heifer International. With this step, we’re ensuring that BitGive’s resources can be used to the fullest extent, helping broaden Heifer’s reach and impact by incorporating our cryptocurrency donation capabilities. Thank you to all of our partners and donors for these past nine years of support. We couldn’t have come this far without you.